Wills & Estates

The effective planning of your overall Estate and its distribution is an important issue. Marriage, separation or divorce, property transactions and other significant events may all impact on the way you manage your assets and how you would like your Estate to be distributed after your death. Obligations under the law to family members and others also need consideration and for some people the tax consequences of the succession process are critical.

At JH Legal we don’t just prepare a Will, Power of Attorney and associated documents for you, we sit down with you to discuss your own personal situation and determine the best solution to make sure that you protect both your assets and your family in the appropriate manner. The legal team at JH Legal can assist with:

  • Estate Administration
  • Preparing Wills
  • Preparing Powers of Attorney
  • Keeping safe custody of your Will and Powers of Attorney
  • Referring you to a financial advisor if needed

Should you wish our firm to prepare a Will for you, please click on the Instruction Sheet link below, complete the form and return it to our office. Upon receipt we will draft the document and forward it to you for your perusal and further discussion.

Wills – Instructions for Wills.doc